Our People

The Trust employs a staff led by the Chief Executive. The governing body of the RNBT is known as the Central Committee, and its members are the trustees of the charity. 

Our Principles

A fundamental characteristic of the RNBT is that the majority of trustees and other volunteer members are serving and ex-serving RN ratings and RM other ranks. This dates back to the founding principles of the Grand Fleet Fund, the forerunner of the RNBT, established by Admiral Lord Jellicoe in 1916.

Our Staff

The HQ team operate from Castaway House in Portsmouth.

Our staff deal with grants administration, finance, public relations and the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the trust.

The staff of the Trust’s care and nursing homes, Pembroke House (Gillingham) and Admiral Jellicoe House (Portsmouth), are led by the Home Managers.

You can read more about our staff here https://www.rnbt.org.uk/about-us/our-organisation/our-people/


The Chairman of the Trust chairs the Central Committee, and its members are the Vice President (also the Honorary Treasurer), the Admiralty Governor, the Senior Serving Officer Trustee, the Specialist Trustees and the Ordinary Member Trustees.

Good governance requires that the trustee body comprises an appropriate cross section of skills. The Trust has four such specialists offering skill-sets in finance and investment, legal matters, care and safeguarding, building projects management. As with all the trustees, they are volunteers who have a genuine interest in the work of the Trust.

You can read more about our Governance structure here https://www.rnbt.org.uk/about-us/our-organisation/